Rebuilding Life After Loss

After a loss we can feel stuck between the life we knew and the life ahead which is unknown. This is a "waiting room" space.

I offer a counselling/coaching approach to support moving forward to live life fully again.

The first session is free so you can check out if this is for you.

Sessions can be in person or via Zoom.


Clinical Supervision provides a safe space to explore practice. Grow as a practitioner. Discuss ethics and clinical issues. Manage self care. Support for professional development and goal planning.

Supervision can be in person or through Zoom.

Life Reentry Class®

The Life Reentry Class® provides the skills and support to explore your loss and the invisible losses in your life. We look at life from the view points of survivor, watcher and thriver.

You will identify loops in thinking of loss and fear and be able to change these. Discover what is important in your life and look at how you can make this happen. The class is over 6 weeks and can be in person or internet based using zoom.