Life Reentry®

The Life Reentry® model provides the tools for those coping with loss to redefine their sense of self, rediscover joy and return to wholehearted functioning in all aspects of their lives. The model does not replace old models of grief instead it is the next step in the journey to healing and new life after loss, illness or challenging life transition.

Using the Life Reentry® Model, participants exit the old life and enter a brand new one, with increased self-awareness, wisdom and a new way of looking at life. The course offers the skills and tools to move forward after life altering loss or change. (Life Reentry Institute)

The Life Reentry® Model was developed by Christina Rasmussen, founder of the Life Reentry Institute, author of Second Firsts and Where did you go?

Life Reentry® work is based on the science of neuroplasticity. The brain changes after loss, the fear center is activated and the ability to think like we usually do is compromised. There is a space between the life you used to know and the unknown new life, which has been called the "waiting room". This is a protective space helping us with the initial loss. However, we need to be able to exit this place to move forward into life.  

You will learn:

Skills to recognise the invisible losses arising from this loss and past grief, acknowledge your pain and loss.

To understand and notice the waiting room space and the survivor voice that keeps you there.

To notice the loops of loss and fear that emerge when we grieve.

How to do a grief cleanse - a process to help you express the grief and pain and gain some sense of distance from the pain. To move away from the sense of fear and anxiety, creating a greater sense of control.

We will develop your watcher self and learn to change patterns of thinking.

Learn how to plugin to life again in small steps to gain confidence and start the process of engaging back in life, activating our thriver self.

After a loss often we don't know what we want or can even imagine a new life. We will explore what is important to you and what you used to feel passionate about and connected to in the past. Through a process of discovery, you will find a new sense of self and what your life can look like and take actions to make this a new reality.

I work in a gentle and nurturing way to create change that stays over time. Change is hard. You don't have to do this alone.

Throughout our time together we will use a series of exercises to help you with the change. 

Life Reentry® is an ongoing process. The new skills and resilience will help with all the challenges of loss that arise in life.